Another One

I hope you read the title in a DJ Khaled voice because that’s really how I imagined it. And that’s exactly what I was going for too. I feel like I’m loved by a lot of people I don’t know. And I love them too, I really do. These are the people that inspire me, that make me want to continue to blog my whole heart out. Just imagine how great it feels to know that you’re loved; that this love is what drives you to continue blogging.

I’ll always leave this disclaimer because I don’t want people saying “Oh I thought she said she only blogs once a week.” Just so y’all know, I said this once and I’ll continue to say it: I only blog twice a week provided that something is important (I should probably put this on my homepage). And my dear loves, this is important. Otherwise, I post every Wednesday at 12noon EST. It used to be 3:30pm but then I had a sudden change of heart. I also kinda said I would change it but anyways…

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