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December 16, 2017Shanese


“It’s true, I’m Rubik’s – a beautiful mess. At times juvenile, yes. I goof and I jest. A flawed human, I guess.

Walk on Water by Eminem feat. Beyoncé

Today, I’ll be telling you guys how I felt after listening to Eminem’s latest album, Revival. If you haven’t copped this album, I’ll be leaving the link below so you can run off and purchase it. So I’ve been waiting for this album ever since the first single “Walk on Water” dropped in November. Eminem kept teasing me! Oh my goodness! The album teasers were so amazing. If you haven’t seen them, they were like ads for a prescription drug. The last ad simply “revealed” what Revival truly was, even though you know, we knew already.

Revival dropped on December 15th – got it immediately after it dropped. This album had so many different release dates. I remember I heard it was coming out in November, then it got pushed up to early December. Then finally they settled on a date. And honey was I glad they finally did but the wait was agonizing. Literally, I was getting a little annoyed by the fact that it kept being pushed up.

Before the album was released, Eminem dropped the second single “Untouchable” one week before the album. When I heard that song, I was shook to the core. The message in the lyrics, the voice transition from being fun/weird Eminem to serious Eminem, the overall delivery – SUPERB. “Walk on Water” is the very first track you’ll hear because remember at the end of it, aggressive Eminem came back and shouted “Bitch I wrote Stan!“. So that particular ending flows right into the next track, “Believe“, seamlessly. So let me tell y’all how I feel about Revival after listening to all 19 tracks.


This album, guys, this album is so amazing. But this album is straight FIRE!! The lyrics, the beats, the message behind each line, each verse, the overall delivery – SICKENING! Eminem had my emotions running all over the place. I won’t lie, I did shed a few tears with the last track. What makes me truly sad is the fact that this is his last and final album and he mentioned that in his raps hence why I would say such a thing. So Eminem raps about racism, Donald Trump, politics, the military, his family including his ex-wife and daughter, his drug overdose, basically his entire life story after 2006 when his best-friend Proof died.

The album includes vocals from Beyoncé, PHresher, Ed Sheeran, Alicia Keys, X Ambassadors, Skylar Grey, Liz Rodrigues, P!nk and Kehlani. Each individual vocal is so beautiful and it just adds to the overall delivery of each track that they’re on. Oh My God, guys just get the album. Trust me when I say you will not be disappointed. Especially if you’re an Eminem fan, I’m sure you’ll feel the same way I did.

So as promised, here is the link where you can go listen and download the entire album: Revival – Eminem
So that’s my overall reaction to Eminem’s 9th LP, Revival. There are a lot of mixed reviews online since its release. But those reviews don’t matter to me. How I feel about it matters to me. I definitely do have a lot of favourites from the album. Damn amazing album.

So, I want you guys to tell me what you think or how you feel about the album (once you’ve listened to it of course). Leave all your thoughts in the comments section below (and remember this is just my opinion so please don’t attack me nor quote me). Thank You all so much for reading this post. Don’t forget to like and share. Also please subscribe to my blog. And, please follow me on Twitter. And wherever you are in the world, I hope you have a wonderful morning, afternoon, evening or night..

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