March 1, 2018Shanese

I’m an ambivert. An ambivert is someone who has the characteristics of both an introvert and an extrovert (I got that from a personality test I did). However, I’m more introverted. Being in college has allowed me to tap into my extroverted side but in all honesty, I’m really an introvert. I love being by myself. I’m such a private person. And being who I am, I’m always in my head. Always thinking, always daydreaming, just always in my head. And I won’t lie, sometimes being in your head all day, everyday (or most times) is kinda dangerous.

I say it’s dangerous to constantly be in your head because that way you formulate so many different negative thoughts about life (plus you tend to overthink a lot). And these negative things can lead to you having trouble with anxiety and depression. I feel that the main negative thing is being insecure. You can be insecure about so many things. And it doesn’t matter who you are or what type of personality you have, I believe everyone has insecurities. Some persons may not have any because they’ve probably found some way to get over it. So today, I’m here to help you be like the rest of persons who have gotten over their insecurities.

For me, one of my insecurities is how my body looks (I’m not fat). Sometimes, whenever I go on Instagram and I see these beautiful women with really nice bodies, I can’t help but think about how lucky they are to be receiving so much attention. And that gives me a little anxiety which then leads me to feeling insecure so then I close the app completely. After that I tend not to think about and I often times forget that I’m insecure or have insecurities. And I hardly use Instagram now too as a matter of fact. Not mainly because of my insecurities but because I choose to.

So one of the ways I’m dealing with my insecurity is by going to gym to gain more. I have a slim figure and I’ve always had it since puberty. With my figure, I apparently have breasts bigger than my body. It didn’t bother me but persons kept pointing it out when I was in high school. Every time a guy would say it I’d be like “Okay” and move on because there’s nothing I could do about it. At that time a lot of guys would make comments because they’re going through puberty and are feeling themselves out. You know, the deep voice, the growth spurt, etc.

For a lot of persons, their insecurities stem from people around them constantly critiquing them. Let’s take Kylie Jenner for example. When she was younger, she had thin lips, which I believe is a natural thing among a lot of Caucasians. A guy she was dating at a point in time commented on how thin her lips were and that made her insecure. So what did she do? She got lip injections to make her lips more plump. So she tackled her insecurity and got rid of it. She probably has other insecurities but I don’t know her personally to comment. I used her as a source of reference because it was brought up through social media.

The way to deal with your insecurities is to do something about it or don’t pay it any mind. I understand that it is easier said than done. But at the same time, for your sanity and health, it’s best to try. If you’re a guy and you feel intimidated by the other muscular guys around you and that makes you insecure then do something about it. You can either go to the gym and gain muscles or you can be comfortable with yourself and say that someone will like/love you just the way you are and for who you are. And the same thing goes for women as well.

To everyone reading, I say this: Fight your insecurities, don’t let them get to you. Fighting them will allow you to be a better person for yourself. You will be happier if you do. Don’t do it because of what others think. Do it for you because your sanity and health is very important. You can tell your friends about how you feel. And if they choose to support you along the way, then that’s great and if not, then oh well. Because at the end of the day, nobody got you like you do.

That’s it for today. I do hope you guys take this advice really well. And if you have any advice about how to deal with insecurities that you would like to include, please leave them in the comments section below so that other readers can take it along with them. I’m sure someone will greatly appreciate it.

Thank You guys for all the support you have given me thus far. I hope to continually receive all this support from you guys. It is truly appreciated. Thank you all so much. And don’t forget to like and share. Also, follow me on Twitter. And wherever you are in the world, I hope you have a wonderful morning, afternoon, evening or night.

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  • undoubtedlyyoung

    September 24, 2018 at 9:35 pm

    This was so awesome to read. You’re so right. If it’s something big enough to bother you do something about it, and if you aren’t willing to take action against it then pay no attention. Lovely! thankyou 🙂

    1. Shanese

      September 24, 2018 at 9:43 pm

      I’m glad you agree with me. Sometimes you can’t control your thoughts you know so they’ll pop up sometimes for me and then I’ll forget about them because I have other things in my life to worry about. Thank you so much for reading hun <3

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