Black Panther

February 19, 2018Shanese

Well, Friday the 16th of February came. And I know you guys know what that meant. Movie theaters far and wide SOLD OUT for one movie. One amazingly spectacular and highly anticipated movie: BLACK PANTHER. I watched it on the release day. And as a fan of the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, Black Panther has left me wanting and impatiently waiting for Avengers: Infinity War to be released. I’ve literally marked my calendar for it, especially when to buy tickets.

Now I know a lot of African-Americans took this movie personal. Talking about what it meant to them and all the works. And let’s not forget that a majority were wearing dashikis. I completely understand but in the same breath, it’s just a comic book movie like the rest of them. I’m only being truthful here. Yes, it struck a nerve in a racial sense because well there were a lot of scenes and dialogue that touched on the Black race and African history (although Wakanda is fictional).

But I will say this… BLACK PANTHER was BEYOND AMAZING. It was so EPIC. It met my standards and it was overhyped. Because you know, you have those movies where they put a lot into advertising and then the movie turned out to be a terrible disappointment. Yeah, Black Panther wasn’t that at all. I’m sure everyone has seen the trailer and from there got the drive to want to watch the movie even more. It was funny, action-packed, thrilling and overall highly entertaining. And I just want to watch it over and over again because it was just THAT good. And then the actors and actresses, the way they had control over the African accent, truly SUPERB.


And for all those who didn’t know, in the comic book series, Black Panther was first introduced in Fantastic Four and then later with the Avengers. Black Panther then made his first movie debut in Captain America: Civil War. I made mention of this in my previous post about the Black Panther Soundtrack. You guys should go check that out. I even made a prediction that actually came true *wink wink*. Don’t worry, the prediction was music based. You have to listen to the soundtrack to understand my music prediction in the movie.

If you guys haven’t seen BLACK PANTHER yet, I implore you to. PLEASE go see it (see I’m even begging you guys). Buy your tickets early, don’t wait till the last minute. Don’t wait till it reaches online. Watch it in the theaters. You won’t regret spending your money especially if you’re an MCU fan. And just a heads up, stay until the end credits. There are two extra scenes you don’t want to miss.

So that’s it for today. Let me know how you felt about the movie (if you watched it) in the comments section below (and please no spoilers for other readers). Thank You guys for all the support you have given me thus far. I hope to continually receive all this support from you guys. It is truly appreciated. Thank you all so much. And don’t forget to like and share. Please follow my blog and follow me on Twitter. And wherever you are in the world, I hope you have a wonderful morning, afternoon, evening or night.

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